Circa Restaurant



Circa Restaurant & Riverside Liquors

Dads Hat Distillery~Atsby Vermouth~Neshaminy creek Brewery

Sunday June 25 at 4pm

First Course

Steak Tartar

Smoked Salmon

Circa 2017 cocktail~Dads Hat Small Batch Rye, Atsby Vermouth, Bitters

Second  Course

Flat Bread ~arugula, goat cheese, Bacon, onion

Sweet Potato Pancake

Turkey Meatballs

Neshaminy Creek Brewery

 J.A.W.N~Juicy Ale with Nugget

5.2% abv american pale ale with a bold hop profile

Third  Course

Panko Crusted Eggplant

Crispy Fish Bites

Chicken tacos

Neshaminy Creek

The shape of Hops To Come

8.5% abv Double IPA, big malt body, pine and citrus hop finish

Fourth  Course

BBQ Pork Sliders

Shrimp Burger Sliders

Perogies, Bacon, Onion

Tomato salad

Take High Bridge~Dads Hat Port Finnish Rye,

Atsby Amberthorn, Fresh Citrus, Sugar Cube,

 Basil Garnish

$65 per person plus tax & Gratuity

reservations Required